Relic Proctored Assessments

Relic offers two sets of proctored assessments.

The basic sets of assessments include the following features –

  • Disable the Cut, Copy and Paste feature

  • Restrict candidate to the full-screen mode during the test

  • Logout/Warnings on leaving the test environment

  • Restrict test access for certain IP addresses

  • Record candidate snapshots/video during the test

Relic is integrated with modern technologies like AI and Data analysis to help students to analyze their performance and make progress for a better future.

The advanced sets of assessments include the following features –

  • Face Authorization at the start of the test

  • Real-time Person Detection

  • Object detection such as cell phones, notebooks, etc.

  • Audio and Video Recording

  • Speech to Text Conversion to identify the words spoken in the test

  • No special hardware required – uses the webcam

  • Credibility Index assigned to each student

  • Logs of all the activities of each student from changing test environment to movement detection

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