New-Age Of Virtual Campus Hiring – Digital, Efficient and Always-On

Digital, Efficient and Always-On

As with most things traditional, proctoring, too, is undergoing a substantial transformation thanks to technological advancements. With online proctoring progressively becoming mainstream, more and more educational institutions and companies are adopting online proctoring as opposed to the more traditional form of proctoring thanks to its many advantages.

Some of the early adopters of online proctoring for their recruitment needs include companies such as Amazon, Walmart Labs, Cognizant, Honeywell, among several big and not-so-big companies.

Why should companies opt for online proctoring assessments?

With remote assessments becoming a norm, companies can assess and recruit talent irrespective of geographical constraints. However, unless these online assessments are proctored by a reliable proctor, there is no guarantee that the candidate who pulls off a brilliant performance during the assessment is the same one who is hired! Hence, it is crucial to verify the authenticity of the candidate who undertakes the assessment, and that is where online proctoring comes in handy. With its many stringent security measures in place, these tools ensure that the integrity of the assessment process is preserved.

What does the future hold?

While we are clearly in the dark when it comes to what the future might unfold, we can be fairly certain that online assessments are going to be indispensable to recruitment, ergo the need for online proctoring. With its reliable safety features such as facial recognition, keyboard, and facial movement analysis, online proctoring goes a long way in preserving the integrity of the examination conducted. However, a quick search on the web will baffle you with the number of not-so-reputable blogs that provide tips and tricks to cheat these proctors. But these solutions require such laboriously elaborate set-ups that even the most hardened ‘cheater’ would be discouraged to take it up. And since its pros far outweigh its cons, it wouldn’t be too long before online proctoring is synonymous with online recruitment.

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