AI-enabled Automated Exam Proctoring Solution

After online classes, all eyes are now on online assessments to ensure that academic schedules are maintained and students are not forced to lose one academic year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. School and college half-yearly exams are round the corner and the need for effective and reliable testing systems is felt more than ever before. The primary need is to ensure students maintain integrity throughout the duration of the exam in the absence of a physical invigilator.

AI-proctored exams are a great way to ensure that the lockdown doesn’t mar the aspirations of students and that the academic calendar is followed in due time!

Remote proctoring makes online assessments more scalable. Remote proctoring software gives the power to the test administrator to authorize, authenticate, and control the entire online test increasing its credibility and accuracy.

There are three types of online exam proctoring-

1.      Live Online Proctoring

In this type of proctoring the entire test-taking candidates are monitored in real-time with the help of audio-video live streaming and screen shares. In this, a proctor is stationed at a remote location and can monitor up to 12 to 20 screens at once in a grid view.

2.      Recorded Proctoring

It differs from live proctoring only in one way and that is everything gets recorded only to be viewed later by a proctor. Audio-visual recordings and screen shares are constantly recorded during the entire test and the proctor makes a fair decision once he views all the recordings in fast forward mode.

3.      Advanced Automated Proctoring

Unlike the other two types of proctoring, in advanced automated proctoring the systems, AI feature takes care of most of the things. It also consists of audio-visual recordings and screen share but apart from this, it ensures to capture any sort of unusual/misleading activity with the help of analytics

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